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When even million-dollar houses feature gray concrete sidewalks, one of the simplest ways to distinguish your home is with a decorative walkway. They function just as effectively, and you can choose from the same patterns that we use on custom patios.

When guests step from their cars and approach your front door, you can be sure that they're looking at the ground. So that's often their first impression.

Don't let your grounds appear like you never had a plan. Ask us to match your walkways to your driveway or patio.

Custom Walkways and Steps Offer Stunning Functionality

  • Charming garden pathways

  • Walkways to fire pits and pools

  • Striking front door approaches

  • Decorative hardscaping

When mobility limitations affect family or friends, your walkways and steps can become hazards. Ask Mason's Touch to help you pick out materials that avert slips and trips.

Your first step to a unique and stylish home

Why walkway looks matter

Attractive steps and walkways that account for safety first

More than just sidewalks

Sidewalks don't have to be boring. Call us for options.


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