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From pet enclosures to privacy barriers, Mason's Touch creates rustic stone and brick walls that blend organically with your landscape. Quicker fencing solutions have a place, but it's not around New England's lovely homes. Best of all, stone walls are long-lasting.

If you have pets or children living at home, a well-placed wall provides peace of mind. No more worries about chasing rolling balls or squirrels into the street.

Exterior walls should blend naturally with your landscaping. That's easier to guarantee when you hire us for both.

Natural Outdoor Walls Add Beauty and Privacy to Your Home

  • Brick and concrete pavers

  • Segmented retaining walls

  • Stone and concrete block pillars

  • Multi-tier retaining walls

Robert Frost famously wrote, "Good fences make good neighbors." That's especially true with masonry walls that don't have gaps through which grass and weeds can encroach.

Magnificent walls that don't look like afterthoughts

Keep your loved ones safe

Decorative and retaining walls

Beautiful walls keep the neighbors happy too

FREE estimates for all beautiful privacy walls!


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